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LL visits the DRLucas Lashes Visits the Doctor by Luca Lashes, LLC
* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

This sixth eBook in the series reintroduces Luca Lashes as he experiences his first doctor visit. Your child discovers how to be brave as Luca experiences the first round of shots that he will remember. Your child learns about the things he will see and experience on that first trip to the doctor’s office. The eBook includes parent suggestions and focuses on a relatable character.

Lucas Lashes is a little boy with special eyelashes that give him superpowers not to be scared.  In this installment he is off to see the Doctor for his shots.  He is worried that it will hurt but with the help of his special eyelashes, he is brave when he gets his shot.  He even got cool band aids and a lolly pop.

This is a great series that opens up the lines of communication between parents and small children under the age of four.  The books are meant to help the child through a difficult or tough event they are going through, in this case, getting a shot.  I know that even though we have talked about shots and watched different preschool shows with Lilly, shots are still not fun.  In fact, they are bad and honestly I don’t think this book would help her any better than anything else has.

That being said, I can see where it would be comforting to others.  I like the fact the eBook offers pointers and tips to parents on things to do to help make the visit easier.  Even though Lilly doesn’t like shots, she likes this series and enjoys the books about Lucas.  She thinks it’s funny that his eyelashes give him special powers.  The illustrations are fun and the story flows well.  Overall we give Lucas Lashes Visits the Doctor 4 stars.  4 stars


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